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Exclusive Elegance on a Secluded Sicilian Bay Italy

The epitome of elegance, seclusion and exclusivity, Villa Sant’ Andrea is an elite holiday residence-cum-hotel once the privately-owned hideaway of a family of British aristocrats located in a secluded Sicilian bay. The interior of the property maintains its cool, stately-home ambience by means of traditionally elegant furnishings, rich fabrics and acres of polished woods, and the guest rooms are bright, sunny and spacious with the same touch of old-style class. This holiday palace is set on Sicily’s Bay of Mazzaro , remote from the busy, noisy centres of tourism on the island. Peace, quiet, traditional comfort and exquisite service are the highlights here, combined with dramatic views across the Mediterranean and its rocky coastline. The resort boasts a secluded, private beach sloping gently to crystal-clear waters perfect for a refreshing swim before breakfast. The guest rooms offer king-sized beds, polished wood floors dotted with antique Persian rugs, antique
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